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Boost vertical transportation of freight and people between levels with our state-of-the-art German-engineered elevators.
Escalators/moving walkways

Creative, professional yet luxury elevator and escalator provider

Engineered in Germany, keeping in mind between-floors mobility, our escalators and moving walkways are designed to increase the operational efficiency of your business facility.
Online Monitoring System

Bringing Luxurious, elegant yet simple design to buildings

Take control of your elevator on tip of your finger on your computer.

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About Us

We are a German elevator and escalator manufacturer and global supplier. KÖHLER Elevator GmbH specializes in elevators, escalators, and moving walkways for a variety of buildings.
Our holistic German-made elevator packages allow organizations to achieve innovative and high performance with a quintessential touch of elegance. Based in Germany, our goal is to become the top choice for commercial and residential building owners looking to improve vertical transportation within their facilities. Our research and development team constantly works to improve premium quality components and tailor-made solutions equipped with the latest technology.

Our Products

We offer various building mobility and vertical transportation solutions from escalators and elevators to moving walkways; all Made in Germany.


Expedite building mobility with energy-efficient and premium-quality escalators.


Low-maintenance, zero-noise but aesthetically-appealing elevators to ensure vertical passenger transportation.

Moving Walkway

Improve horizontal transportation of your commercial building with these moving walkways.

Why Choose Us

We are an industry certified manufacturer and supplier. Our products comply with updated European safety regulations. We ensure compliance with industry standards so our customers can have peace of mind. Our team assures excellent installation support, customization options, and various quality options, including European and Chinese quality product lines, to meet the needs of various clients.

While quality and efficiency in motion are our priority, environmental sustainability is our philosophy. We ensure that our products combine design and environmental considerations to reduce energy consumption.

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We promise easy-to-install, quality products while our team focuses on long-term partnerships.

Our work

We’ve worked with many top clients for the installation of escalators, elevators and moving walkways. Explore our work below.

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